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Director’s message

Talented employees, High-tech equipment, and Technology innovation. The best quality Car air conditional Compressor.
Doowon R&D center was established in 2003 to develop new technology on the car air conditioner compressor in the culture of responsibility and respect for human life.
Swash type internal variable displacement compressor was developed Doowon R&D center’s own technology and produced mass product in 2008. We are put every ounce of our energy into the next generation compressors such as swash type external variable displacement compressor, CO2 compressor and electric scroll type compressor. They are expected to minimize the fuel consumption, global warming and to prepare advanced automotive technology for electric car, respectively.
New Doowon R&D center was built with a floor space ca. 6600m2 in October 2009, and based on the improved research environment, we could do concentrate on researching and developing of new technologies for car air conditioner compressor more intensively.
To survive in an era of unlimited competition, and to become the world best, we will do our best with lavish investment, innovative ideas and a strong desire.
Thank you.
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